Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Caught The Bug

Yes,I have caught the bug.The guitar bug.haha XD Was in class,friend taught me one small part of song,played it and I thought "This is fun :D",granted it is harder than it looks.I did play the guitar previously albeit very briefly.Currently learning Stay by Estrella.So,like I've noticed Richard always say, "It'll be good fun".On that note,might as well ask him to beri a few petunjuks to his wife XD Well,hopefully this interest sticks.I'm off to practice,haha XD


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Dash Of Crazy?

I find myself amused as I reminisced about the times where I gave people advice as if I was this Supreme Guru.And now,as I've learnt abit more and grew up some,I can safely say.....I DIDNT KNOW SQUAT........What surprises me the most is that,in just 1 year,I've experienced enough that it makes me feel.....old?weathered?seasoned?I dont know how to put it.But I've definitely figured out enough to know that,though I've come a long way,I have a long way to go...but theres really no point worrying about it because what will come,will come and I'll just have to deal with it when it does.For now,I'm just content to PARTY! :D

I believe it has been gila babi lama since my last post,haha XD Till this morning,I was pretty much content to just FB all day,go through Youtube and check out friends blogs.But obviously,inactivity doesnt suit me.Please people,I need things to do or I just might go bonkers.There be a scarcity of events in my life.But I believe that shall be fixed during the holidays.With Stefan coming back,the beach trip,house parties,hangouts,christmas and but of course,new year.Yes,thing are looking up! XD

Well,in the meantime,I would like suggestions for books you people think I would enjoy.Yes,I READ.To general disbelief,I do enjoy reading....just not anything school related.haha :D So,suggestions please!

So,I conclude this post with what I think is a pretty good quote.


Till next time,

A sigh

I cant fight your demons anymore,I refuse to be the "steadfast wall" behind you or the "steady ground" beneath your feet.So,I'm gonna call it a day and walk away.