Friday, February 26, 2010


Owh hello! :D I'm feeling quite at ease today.Sleep does wonders I suppose.Usually I'd still be in bed staring at the celling ruminating on my life.But I felt like I should make this a productive day.So I went running for about an hour at 7,got back around 8,had some beef bacon,took a shower,waited for my computer to slowly wheeze to life,Google Chrome :D But actually I didn't have anything to blog about today,until I felt the sudden urge of egalitarianism as I remembered a conversation I had with Richard.So,today I shall be ranting o about Race,keeping in line with my blogs "random" agenda :D

I don't see the need of differentiation or classification of race.White,black,brown,yellow,pink,blue-ish green,magenta,we are still just people.We keep seeing how race does nothing but create conflict and acts as a rift between people.Take for example,HITLER.Nearly wiped out the Jews,and why? because he wanted to create "The Perfect Race" or something along those lines.In Malaysia itself,every race sneers and looks down upon each other,judging others as if they were the very gods themselves.Arrogance and a superiority complex,thats what racial classification gives you.I've come across Malaysian's who've said "Be careful of that guy,he looks like bad news and plus he's (insert Race here).It brings a bad taste to my mouth to hear comments like these and it only disturbs me more to know that for a good portion of my life,I might have been exactly like that.It is gonna be an awesome day when everybody learns to look past skin colour and place of origin.But I guess that will never happen,because human beings are creatures who are naturally prone to pride and stupidity.

Random enough?LOL XD Owh well,I'm hungry now.Until the next selectively random post.


Hush Now

My silent resolution, I'm going to stick to it.Time to save what I have left of myself and reset. I took my calming breath and now for the next step....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pretty bad,I reckon

2010 sucks.....and its only February!

Owh how I wonder what the next "glorious" 10 months are gonna bring me.Right,SPM =.=" forgot about that tiny lil detail.Ngeh.

But I suppose the holidays are kinda "okay".But its kinda sad that its ending on quite a sour note,Edoria's leaving again and debate season is on its way.

I've just run dry recently.The blogging juice has kinda run out.I think its cause I dont have much to blog about.I could go on blogging about school and homework and all that shit but I'm guessing thats gonna get EXTREMELY redundant after awhile.

So,with high hopes that this year will have a massive turnaround,I end this ridiculously hopeless post.