Thursday, April 22, 2010


I don't understand my incessant need for approval.It's as if I need to be validated for every little thing I do,every little thing I think up or the way I see things.What vexes me even more,is that I do things my way anyway,despite what anybody else might say.So,yes,it confuses me why I look for approval and throw it aside like yesterdays ham-sandwich once I get it or couldn't care less if if I didn't.I cant put it in words,how this feels like,so I'm afraid this will be a half-assed description.

Hmm,I've found that blogging can be very therapeutic.

Went to the AGAPE church.....wait,let me finish before you judge me :) watch a play."Bow the Knee" it was tittled.Very good it was.Hats off to the choir,who,personally,was mind blowing.Acting and singing was all good.And while I was watching,a certain SEXY of mine went back to the "Land of Excessive Methane Emissions".Went MAMAK(Malaysia's saving grace) after that.It was all good fun.

Ahhh,as the year progresses,the analogical cloud of my depression seems to just grow darker.Though I highly doubt that the "massive turnaround" I was hoping for,is going to happen.It's all downhill from here baybeh!

Well,at least until December :)

Till next time,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Patience Wears Thin

Today has only reinforced the desire of breaking the cage,spitting on it and flying away.The frequency of my returns shall be most debatable.It has been made quite obvious that what is right and what is wrong does not matter anymore.It's all about keeping them good and happy for now.