Thursday, December 31, 2009

To New Beginnings

Yes,it is now a new year and thus marking the end of one of the best years of my life.Looking back and seeing the difference between my first post when I started this blog and now,I cant help but think "Why in the effing hell is this wanker PMS'ing on his blog?!" LOL XD Yea,I think I've reached a point in my life where I have my shizz straightened out.It's a pretty good feeling to know where you want to go and that feeling you get when you finally have something to work for.

So,here's my new year's resolution for 2010.

1.To get at least 8A+'s for SPM
2.To not be bothered by the little things
3.To forgive and forget
4.To hold off on matters of the heart for now
5.To not procrastinate
6.To never forget what I want
7.To never forget to work for what I want
8.To end this year just like I started it,with no regrets.

Now allow me to explain.LOL XD
1.Because I couldn't care less for my BM and PI,but if I can score an A for my BM,all the better
4.Because at this age,it's just not worth the drama,tears,perhaps some screaming and the overall immaturity of it. Hypocrisy,infantile maturity,abundant insecurities,raging hormones,owh yes,what a potent mix for stupidity.

So,yes,this be the end of this post.Hopefully,I shall be struck by inspiration to rant and prattle on about my life in the not to distant future.To New Beginnings!


Saturday, December 26, 2009


Owh yes,I know where I want to go,I know what I want to do and it feels FRIGGIN AWESOME!....Well,too bad that there are soooooooooooooooo many things that can just stop my plan before it even comes into play.So,I'm hoping everything goes my way but I dont want to put myself out there and get my hopes high.If it happens,holy hell I would be frigging happy,and well,if it doesnt,then I guess I'm just going to have to revert to the old "safe" plan.But I cant help but feel like somebody has lit a fire in my head,the good kind and I just feel like laughing :D

I see now that we live in an extremely money orientated world.It's not like I didnt know before,its just that I've....confirmed it somewhat.If you have something that you want,you need money to get it.Especially if its something big.So I suppose it would be extremely naive to say money cant buy happiness.Never really thought that my own happiness would be so dependant on money.Owh well,I guess thats how the world works.

I realise that I have never been happier than I've been this year.2009 brought me some of the greatest friends I know :) times of clarity that are quite satisfying,acceptance that allowed me to "breathe",learning more about myself as a person wasnt bad XD and now,I know what I want to do with my life...well,at least for the next 5-6 years anyway XD Yes,my life was great this year.Now,whether or not things go my way,I'm ready for a good long slog for the next few years.

Well,I suppose thats it for this post.Let's hope it goes my way XD


Friday, December 18, 2009

Who be on the list?

Made my blog private yo!Just today,a special hippopotamus "begged" me for permission :D you know who you are XD LOL.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Greetings peons :D Been awhile since my last post.Imma rant abit on this one!

Hmm,I kinda feel stupid.When I was 13,my parents asked me if there were any foreign languages I wanted to learn but NOOOOO,I was too busy trying to plaster my eyeballs to the computer screen.Thinking back,it would have been nice to know French or Japanese(meh,I could talk with my Uncle) What got me thinking was the abundance of people posting comments on Facebook in French and Spanish with the effin Google Translator.Hmm,might not be too late....LOL,definitely too late for me to even consider it for my SPM.Owh well,we'll see.

These few fleeting months,just seem to be me drifting from one occasion to another.And filling in the "in between" time with Final Fantasy(Owh how it kills time marvelously :D),Facebook-ing(which I have come to abhor due to my sloppy hours being spent mind-numbingly clicking on the HOME button.),sporadic running(takes me so much to get out that door) and but of course,the perpetual stuffing of ma face.Imma gonna make my parents bankrupt if my appetite keeps going like this.And knowing that,I'm siting in my chair eating my 4th serving of mash potatoes.MUAHAHAHAHAA XD

Ahhh,for the past few weeks,I've had this sudden urge to be an asshole.hahaha XD I think its just my suppressed sarcasm trying to break out,considering I've been keeping it in check for a year now.

Its so amusing to see those people with overinflated egos and a massive superiority complex crumble under the gigantic mass that is their self absorption.Once a roaring beast,with all bark and no bite,but now a little house cat,desperate for attention......more so than XD

Sometimes I wish that there were those single words that could express everything you were feeling at the time.Random enough?

Well,I believe thats gonna be it for this post.I think my next post will be abit lighter XD
Till next time.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Caught The Bug

Yes,I have caught the bug.The guitar bug.haha XD Was in class,friend taught me one small part of song,played it and I thought "This is fun :D",granted it is harder than it looks.I did play the guitar previously albeit very briefly.Currently learning Stay by Estrella.So,like I've noticed Richard always say, "It'll be good fun".On that note,might as well ask him to beri a few petunjuks to his wife XD Well,hopefully this interest sticks.I'm off to practice,haha XD


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Dash Of Crazy?

I find myself amused as I reminisced about the times where I gave people advice as if I was this Supreme Guru.And now,as I've learnt abit more and grew up some,I can safely say.....I DIDNT KNOW SQUAT........What surprises me the most is that,in just 1 year,I've experienced enough that it makes me feel.....old?weathered?seasoned?I dont know how to put it.But I've definitely figured out enough to know that,though I've come a long way,I have a long way to go...but theres really no point worrying about it because what will come,will come and I'll just have to deal with it when it does.For now,I'm just content to PARTY! :D

I believe it has been gila babi lama since my last post,haha XD Till this morning,I was pretty much content to just FB all day,go through Youtube and check out friends blogs.But obviously,inactivity doesnt suit me.Please people,I need things to do or I just might go bonkers.There be a scarcity of events in my life.But I believe that shall be fixed during the holidays.With Stefan coming back,the beach trip,house parties,hangouts,christmas and but of course,new year.Yes,thing are looking up! XD

Well,in the meantime,I would like suggestions for books you people think I would enjoy.Yes,I READ.To general disbelief,I do enjoy reading....just not anything school related.haha :D So,suggestions please!

So,I conclude this post with what I think is a pretty good quote.


Till next time,

A sigh

I cant fight your demons anymore,I refuse to be the "steadfast wall" behind you or the "steady ground" beneath your feet.So,I'm gonna call it a day and walk away.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today brought the word "rollercoster" to a whole new level.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Exactly To the Top

Ahhhh,I've become quite the frequent blogger haven't I?

Well,yesterday(12th September,Saturday) I was thoroughly exhausted with the amount of physical exertion I put out.But,I most definitely had fun.

Went hiking which was funny as hell.And much later I went to SUC and met up with Sum-Sum,AJ,Nicole,Richard & Karen(Cough*Cough*),Sean,Vivien and Aaron.Too bad Mei Hwa and Racheal couldnt come but they had their own thing to do.

Too lazy to elaborate on mico-details of the day.So,thats it.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ti's I,back with another post.

Life has regained some of its luster for me.Events both good and bad have broken me out of this drunken "auto-pilot" stupor I've been in for a very long time.Much to my dismay,things I've ignored for all this time,have come back to haunt me in a very persistent fashion.And I find it quite hard to force myself to give a rat's ass about some of them.But I guess,if I'm going to be present,might as well be thorough.I did what a certain friend of mine advised me to do which was "grow a pair!" and did what I have'nt had the guts to do for the past 7 months.For that,I thank him.I am very grateful to those special people,who helped me break out from the foggy quagmire that was my life and opened up my effin eyes.And the name Mister Sunshine(Given by a colourful test tube loving person XD) feels like a perfect fit of how I feel.

I'm wondering if I should take a leaf out of Doria's book,and make this blog abit more private since I get the feeling that I shall be spewing lots of crap from now on.Hahaha XD

Writing this post was so tiresome after the last 3 cryptic posts which were so easy XD But since a certain "daughter" of mine has been complaining about WE WALK,I decided to make this post a tad more elaborate.

Until next time,

Saturday, September 5, 2009



Friday, September 4, 2009


I feel raw.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Switching Off

Switching off the auto-pilot.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sadly Bulletproof

NOOOOOOOOO!Arsenal lost 2-1 to Manchester United! Effing shame.For this random post,I shall be giving my view on the match :D To start it off,Ashravin was thoroughly mediocre despite his luck with that one goal.After that,he could have spontaneously combusted and nobody would notice =.="Diabby was great on forward except when he decided to go "forward" on his own team =.=" Alumnia should be hanged!Electrocuted,then hanged again for his horrendous performance.Arsene Wenger should be kicking this fool instead of kicking the damn water bottle.Denilson,Song and Eboue were mediocre to put it lightly.Gallas and Vermaelen,dark horse heroes of the match,great overall perfomance,excellently suffocating Rooney,too bad all their hard work was ruined by the above mentioned retarded idiots=.="I'm guessing morale was at a low with the Captain,Cesc Fabregas out of the picture.Arsenal would have sailed through the match if he was there.But since he was injured,meh,too bad.And yes,Arsene Wenger =.=" Yes,this particular fool.You'd think someone of his age would be acting a lil' bit more mature than that.
Anyhoo,personally I think Rooney didnt deserve that penalty and Arsenal should have been given that penalty in the first half.And,of course the "almost-could-have-been-fairytale" last minute goal by Van Persie which was ruled void on the basis that it was offside.I mean,CMON!It was like watching Picasso paint!LOL,He deserved the goal and the fact that they ruled it as offside is absolute BULLSHIT.
It's not that the Devils were bulletproof,its just that The Gunners didnt bring the Big Guns.haha XD
Well,thats my view on the match :D

Anyway,I'm not really a very "Go Malaysia" kinda guy,but since tomorow is Malaysia's 52nd year of independence,ROCK IT OUT TONIGHT!hahaha.

Well,thats it for this selectively random post.


Perseverance,It Escapes Me

Wow,I actually made it to the 2nd post.Yes,Doria,heres another random post.LOL.Well,nothing much except that I had a funny night Video Calling with a certain slimmer,better looking,Malay version of Shrek(You know who you are ;D)

Hunger pangs being kept at bay with the wonderful o'so distracting time killer,Mindjolt Games.WOO.

It's amazing how laid back Man Utd. fans are,with this coming match tonight.Usually,theres the whole "My Team is Better than Your Team" taunting,all day long.But,no,their uncharacteristicly mellow.Maybe its sunk in that Arsenal is gonna win so they gave it up as a bad job.HAH! XD Just hoping Gallas works his magic again today.

Alright,thats it.Besides going on about how I regret not finishing that bowl of spaghetti before it went bad,I got nothing.Tune in for the next magnificently random post.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birth of a new blog?

Hey,Mifzal here.I'm kinda new to the whole blogging concept.This blog is kinda the biproduct of joblessness,boredom and hunger(Puasa Month =.=").Yea,you'd be bored out of your mind too if your choices were either watching a bad swamp crocodile movie or watching Martha Stewart make freaking martini's!