Friday, January 29, 2010


There is a new breed of pest plaguing the land.It be called "Plague-of-the-overly obnoxious-and-conceited-13 year-olds".Truly a fearsome lot.

Keeping to the resolution and not letting the "little" things bother me.Hmm,the irony.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My "Plate"

The phrase "Too much on my plate",hmm,lets put it this way.I cant even see my plate anymore =.=" Overwhelmed with things to do,I feel like my brain just might melt.On a totally unrelated note,why the hell am I taking Additional Mathematics,Chemistry,Biology,Physics and all these other shit that I don't even need considering that what I want to do has completely nothing to do with how a cow processes its food.Well,I suppose its easier to get a scholarship later on than it would be if I was in the Arts stream.But,honestly,Add Maths,yes,the one with the godly leveled equations,yes,that one.It escapes me.I guess I'm doing fairly well on Chemistry and Biology.But Physics =.=" When in the world am I ever going to have the time to calculate the velocity,acceleration,momentum of the car hurtling towards me in a great ball of fire or the specific heat capacity of my car as the other car is soaring towards mine.All I need to know is "Flying Car on Fire+My Direction=RUN" XD Well,enough of that.I shall now elaborate on my "Plate".

1.Taekwondo Tournaments
2.Taekwondo Training
3.Taekwondo Extra Training
4.Taekwondo School Club T-Shirts
5.Personal Training FOR Taekwondo
6.Debate Practice
7.Debate Competitions
8.Train and Guide Jr. Debaters
9.Plan and carry out activities for English Language Society
10.T-Shirts for the ELS
11.Plan and carry out activities for Chess Club
12.Chess Club T-Shirts
13.Chess Competitions (Maybe)
14.Finish writing the drama script
15.Drama rehearsals
16.Drama Competition
17.Additional Classes in School

So,yes =.=" I can no longer see my "Plate".This of course doesn't include the truckloads of homework and the profuse amount of tuitions I go for.And let's not forget the overbearing parents that insist on me studying for at least 2 hours a day which I find impossible unless I suddenly gain the magical ability to not need this one basic human necessity,SLEEP.

On that note,YES MOM AND DAD!I know SPM is coming!Why the hell did you think I was cracking my head and pouring over books during the freaking HOLIDAYS?

Well,lets just hope I don't crack before the big exam comes.I think thats about it for todays rant :)


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Till April

Almost like the calm before the storm,the day preceding the night almost felt normal,like it was just an ordinary day with friends.We baked a cake for him,which didnt feel so out of the ordinary.We talked and laughed,as if nothing special was going to happen that night but deep down,all of us knew what was coming.

As we got ready,we busied ourselves with all the little things as an easy distraction I suppose.We got into the car and headed off to the airport.As the airport came into view,the atmosphere in the car definitely got heavier and as we drew closer to it,the atmosphere only got heavier and heavier.

So,we waited....and waited and waited for him to get there.The seconds were too long.And then we saw him which brought around a small bout of smiles and then a few faltered.We gave our gifts as some turned away.Some of us worked our faces to keep the tears from flowing.Some succeeded while some didnt.His tears came after seeing this.

We went to get a bite.We got our food and sat together.As we ate and chat,everything seemed almost normal again.Friends eating and laughing,not a care in the short that illusion lasted.

It was time for him to go.And how uncomfortable it was being sad while being full of burgers and sodas.The fresh wave of tears came slowly but surely.One by one,we said our goodbyes.As he rode the escalator down,we waved and shouted our goodbyes,not minding the other people around.The tears now came in full force as we caught the last glimpse of our friend as he slowly disappeared from sight.

We remained there for a few moments to gather ourselves.We wiped off the remnants of the tears as we walked away.We went home,one friend short.

We miss you already Richard :) Hope you like'ed the stuff we got you and hope you do great over there!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


There's a special kind of relationship nobody ever talks about.It's not a very black/white affair.Its simply undefinable.I'm picking this out of what I saw in Doria's friend's blog.And I seriously agree.There's always that special place for that person but it's not the kind where it leads to a romantic conclusion.You definitely do care for the particular person alot more than you would any other person.So,yeah,I agree that once your in that place with a person,theres really no way for you to be JUST friends anymore.It's not going to be less or more either.The normal rules dont apply anymore.


Thursday, January 14, 2010


A reprieve from the idiocy,
A reprieve from the self-delusioned,
And a reprieve from the blaring noise,

"The ignorant make the most noise",how true.