Saturday, March 27, 2010

Exploration Is A Wonderful Thing

True,I am bored to death.
True,I despise having to study.
True,SPM is looming over me like Godzilla's really fat mother.
True,I don't exactly have as much freedom as I used to.

But,I am content :) My world is upright now.
My life is no longer a puzzle where all the pieces don't fit.
For now,I got my head on right.Nothing to do with my
"I know what I want to do with my life"post though.
A completely different matter.

Well,it's been ages since my last proper post.The last one was just lyrics,so it doesn't count :) I think I've made it clear from the above that I'm in a good place in my life now.And dayumm does it feel good! XD The only wish I have is that I could rid myself of the constant buzz-kill,namely,SPM and I could have the party,friends and freedom to compliment this feeling :D But,alas,I shall have to slog it out for another 8 months.

Well,a certain SEXY of mine is coming back in about 5 days,so,thats something to look forward too :D Thank god I made a deal with my parents,for the 2 weeks my Guitar Overlord returns,I shall be released from my cage and shall gleefully dance and skip around the lands.I know it sounds gay.Don't judge me :D

Well,I think I better stop here,at risk of sounding redundant.

Till the next post,


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