Friday, August 6, 2010


Aaah,the smell of a neglected blog.Refreshing it is.Makes me want to....go back to Tumblr,but I shall try to resist the urge.Its hard to find inspiration when your being pelted with books,left,right and center.Alas,examination hangs over me like an ominous guillotine.Lets hope the stress is at its peak or I might just...........

Got Milk?

Now before we go on,I would like to fulfill a request made by a dear friend of mine.
FF-related it is Sean :)

Aaaaah yes,Final Fantasy.How I've missed thee dear chum.An enduring partner in helping me get through the food deprived month.

I think I just might be the only person that hasn't played Final Fantasy 13.To some of you,this might seem petty and you may say "So?" but being an FF-fanatic,this is an incredible act of shame on my part.I have marred my perfect SquareEnix record.

Moving on! :)

I have my eyes set.She has curves that could kill.She looks as fine as lemon lime in the summer time.And I'm hoping she sounds just as good as she looks.I'll be looking forward to the day where I finally get my hands on that body and caress that supple neck.Twist her knobs....Wait,wait,wait,before you get carried away,you should know what I'm talking about.....pfft,pervs.

Classic Series 70s Stratocaster®, Maple Fretboard , Natural

Mmmm,look at that beauty.Keeping in mind that I'm a noob when it comes to guitars,I took the advice of a dear friend of mine and made myself a list.And this one is sure as hell going on the list.I have close to no knowledge when it comes to parts,sounds and technicalities,so I wont even try to list out and explain the specs of the guitar at risk of self embarrassment :)

So,I think I've fulfilled my daily quota of mindless, direction-less,ranting.Hope inspiration will not fail me this time around.Till the next selectively random post.



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